Talent hits a target no one else can hit, Genius hits a target no one else can see..... PAINTING ON WATER

Artistic talent is far more common than talent to nurture artistic talent. Any parent with hard hand can crush it ,but to nurture it is much more difficult.....................

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing what to keep......................................

Unique & Simple Ideas To Make Rakhi For Raksha Bandhan ........

 Unique & Simple Ideas To Make Rakhi For Raksha Bandhan ........

- Strands of thread 2/3
- A pair of scissor
- Cotton thread to tie knots
- Beads, Sitara's , Golden Thread and Sponge to decorate
- Glue
- A toothbrush with hard bristle


Take 20-24 inches long thread in a bunch. If you want to make multi color rakhis take thread of different color.
Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan
- Tie a tight knot with a cotton thread on the one fourth part of the thread bunch. the one fourth part will be made into a rakhi ,while the three fourth will be the string to tie around the wrist.

Raksha Bandhan- Now make sure the head of the silk threads of the one fourth part of the bunch do not remain in loops,in case they are cut them with a pair of scissor.

Raksha Bandhan

-Once they are independent of loops , with the toothbrush rub hard on these thread and brush them with strong strokes by holding tight on the knot.with repeat strokes the silk thread will turns fluffy and soft.


- To make the string, divide the three fourth part of the silk thread in two equal parts and plate them separately. At the end tie a knot and brush the end again.
                                      Raksha Bandhan       Raksha Bandhan

- Once this is done decorate it with beads and sitara's. Stick them with glue. You can purchase sponge of suitable colour, cut it into a star or any shape ,decorate it with beads or sitara's .Golden thread can be entwined used for decoration and then stick it with glue.
                                            Raksha Bandhan

BMW series 8



PRODUCTION :-    1989-1999

ASSEMBLY :- Germany

DESIGNER :- Klaus Kapitza

CLASS :- Grand Tourer

BODY STYLE :- 2 door Coupe

LAYOUT :- FR(Front engine ,rear wheel drive layout) Layout


                   4.0 L M 60   V 8
                   4.4 L M 62   V 8
                   5.0 L M 70   V 12
                   5.4 L M 73   V 12
                   5.6 L S 70    V 12

                                   4- speed automatic
                                   5- speed automatic
                                   6- speed manual

WHEELBASE :-      2,685 mm

LENGTH :-          4,780 mm

WIDTH :-            1,854 mm
HEIGHT :-           1,341 mm

CURB WEIGHT :- 1,830 kg (4,030 lb)(840)  1,975 kg(4,354 lb)(850)


The Most Amazing Creation Which Have its Own Identity ....... and that is ......Sensational(( ROLLS ROYCE motor car))

LOGO :- 

History behind ROLLS ROYCE ..............

ROLLS ROYCE limited was created in year 1904 . Henry Royce who was a successful engineer , struck a deal with Charles Royce ,owner of the one of the first car. The ensuing series of two , three , four , and six cylinder car broke the mould for engineering and craftsmanship .The Silver  Ghost launched in 1907, was a car of legendary smoothness that completed a 14,371  miles virtually non stop run ,creating the 'best car of the world' legend .

Founders of ROLLS ROYCE ...............
      Charles Rolls                                                                                    

 Sir Henry Royce

Stories Behind  The Famous Brand ROLLS ROYCE............

The world's most famous car brand ROLLS ROYCE associated with Rajasthan .A famous buyer of the car was the Maharaja of Alwar . He always three automobiles at a time .

One day ,during his visit to London , Maharaja Jai singh walking on bond street in casual dress. He saw a ROLLS ROYCE showroom and went inside to inquire about the price and features of their car.
The showroom salesman thought he was a poor Indian .They insulted him and showed him the way out.

After this insult, Maharaja came back to his hotel room and asked his servant to call(ring) the showroom that the Maharaja of Alwar was interested in purchasing a few cars.

After a few hours Maharaja again visted the showroom but in full royal regalia wearing his royal costume .The showroom had a red carpet to welcome the Maharaja and all the salesman bowed before him with respect.The Maharaja purchased all the six cars that they had in the  showroom at that time and paid the full amount with delivery cost.

After reaching India Maharaja ordered municipal department to use all those six ROLLS ROYCE cars for cleaning and transporting city's waste.The world's number one car ROLLS ROYCE were being used for transporting Alwar city's waste .

The news spread all over the world and the reputation of rolls royce company became a laughing stock.

After this when someone used to boast in Europe or America that he owned a ROLLS ROYCE ,people used to laugh saying,"which one ?the same that is used in India for carrying  waste of the city."After the severe damage to reputation ,sales of ROLLS ROYCE car dropped rapidly and the revenue of the company showed a decline.

The ROLLS ROYCE companies owner sent a telegram to maharaja in India offering apologies and request him to stop transportation of waste in ROLLS ROYCE cars . Not only this, they also offered Maharaja six new ROLLS ROYCE cars free of cost.

when Maharaja Jai singh observed that the ROLLS ROYCE  company had learnt a lesson ,he stopped  using those cars for carrying waste.

Products of ROLLS ROYCE...........

- Phantom

- Ghost


Interior of ROLLS ROYCE motor cars.............................