Coconut Burfi By Using Microwave(10 min )

INGRIDIENTS                           QUANTITY

Grated coconut                            1cup fresh
Milk                                            1/4cup
Sugar                                          3 tbsp
Cardamom                                  1 tsp
Saffron colour                              few drops
Ghee                                           2tsp


1. In microwave safe bowl,mix together the ghee and fresh coconut and microwave on high for 2 minute, stirring once after 1 minute.
2.Add milk ,sugar,cardamom powder and yellow colour and microwave on high for 2 minute ,stirring once after 1 minute .
3. Remove and spread the mixture onto a greased thali with a 125mm. and allow it to set for 1 hour .
4. Cut into triangles and store in a air tight container....
NOTE:- you can garnish it by your own way


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